Our Approach


Molly and Deborah

Whether your decision to seek help is related to a recent or long term issue, collaborative work with a therapist can foster a self awareness that leads to positive behavioral changes. Both Molly and Deborah work collaboratively with clients and help them find tools for dealing with obstacles that impede their growth and well being. Counseling addresses the deeper issues and mindsets that get in the way of adapting new behaviors. Life coaching is geared more towards accountability and the structuring of specific goals.

Both Molly and Deborah bring more to the table than classroom learning alone. Their life experiences have equipped them with the kind of lifelong learning that inspires change and transformation in those seeking to create a better life for themselves.

Using a strength based approach, we deal with issues of depression, anxiety, anger management, substance abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, relationship issues, divorce, family conflict, peer relationships, grief and loss, obsessive compulsive, low self esteem, trauma, career decision making and life transitions. Our client focus is Adolescents and Adults. We provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

Let us help you explore and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of your creating the life you want.

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